Harlem One Stop

Harlem Renaissance 100 is a community led celebration marking the landmark 100th anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance.

This celebratory community collaborative effort is comprised of over 40 Harlem cultural institutions who will be spearheading the celebration and the launching of an extended series of programs, events and cultural activities. Harlem Renaissance 100 will showcase the artists of today while highlighting the artistic and creative energy and exuberance that became the nexus of African-American cultural identity an made Harlem a world renown community.

The mission of Harlem Renaissance 100 is to celebrate and empower Harlem and its communities. With that in mind, Harlem One Stop, the project convener and manager Harlem Renaissance 100 will, will facilitate and mobilize cultural assets, through strategic Harlem cultural collaborative partnerships,
to create and coordinate programming which explores the impact of the Harlem Renaissance.

Harlem Renaissance 100 sets a path to bolster Harlem’s legacy for future generations and to draw together historic preservation, cultural identity, and community empowerment as a generator of local and visitor engagement.

Project Spearheaded by Harlem One Stop

Harlem One Stop is a 501(c)3 community-based destination marketing organization and tour operator for upper Manhattan–Harlem & Washington Heights-Inwood, committed to the preservation of Harlem’s cultural and historic assets while contributing to the economic development of the area. Founded in 2006, Harlem One Stop’s goal is to identify opportunities for economic equity uptown. By establishing strategic alliances and collaborating with a network of cultural institutions and business organizations, Harlem One Stop presents upper Manhattan as a premier destination to the local, regional, domestic, and international visitor/travel sectors through its diverse marketing initiatives.

Initially incubated by the West Harlem Community Preservation Organization and funded by a cultural tourism grant from the Arts & Business Council/NYSCA, Harlem One Stop is designed to boost tourism, strengthen Harlem/New York’s ability to draw diverse visitors, give tourists a greater choice of authentic experiences and foster exciting collaborative opportunities to market ethnic and artistic traditions.

Cultural Tourism Collaborative